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For the best golf towel, who better to turn to than professionals on the LPGA and PGA Tours? That is exactly what we did. And, what we found is the most customizable golf accessory available today. It is the Players Towel.


Far from a bath towel or a traditional 3 fold towel, Players Towel offers Waffled Microfiber Technology allowing for superior absorption, cleaning and looks. This product truly represents the future of towels in all sports. Why else would Players Towel be making such an incredible impact among professionals?




Players Towel allows you and I to carry the same product with the same customization features that it does for tour players. Very few companies can say that! You can choose colors, fonts, logos or create your own logo, making Players Towel the most used personalized golf towels on tour. Visit and personalize yours today!

Golf Towel

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